10 Reasons Women Cheat

10 Reasons Women Cheat


1. Because HE is Cheating

  Thats right. The moment we find out about his infidelities, we immediately start to question why this ni**a even deserves to have all the fun in the world while we have to sit and be depressed wondering when the hell he coming home. Don’t worry about it though, once she finds out, may the best cheater win!

2.   Sex Is No Good

See at first, if we like you enough, we can put the lil d*ck situation behind us. Women have way better sex when they are all the way there for this dude MENTALLY. Now the moment the mental connection between you and her aren’t adding up: you start getting distant, start getting rude with her, then you lose her sexually. Once that smoke clears and she starts to think about the fact that she’s not even satisfied , oh yeah she gonna go find someone that can hit that spot real quick.

3.   Feels Unappreciated

No-one likes to feel like they are not wanted in the situation. For some reason, once men get comfortable, they forget to continue with those little things that helps a woman feel like that man is happy to have her by his side. When it gets to the point where y’all always arguing, you act like everything she does is stressing you out or aggravating you, or to the point where y’all just don’t vibe like y’all used to no more; you know what’s next. like the old saying “Once a woman leaves mentally her body follows”

4.  Partner Doesn’t Live Up To Their Expectations

When she met you, you were sounding real good. You would tell her your plans and your goals and she was willing to rock with you even though everything wasn’t all the way together. She believed that no one is perfect and everybody has room to grow so she was willing to build with you and stay down til you came up. So now y’all in a relationship and the only thing you do is stay out late, come home drunk, play the game with your friends, and text other ho*s . You haven’t been doing anything conducive towards the goals you used to talk about and you always make an excuse for why you haven’t been progressing. News flash buddy, a woman is willing to stick with ANY man that is at least trying .

5.  Don’t Get Enough Sex At Home

9 times out of 10 that ni**a fuc*ing. Periodt. Men love sex and definitely gonna get it whenever they can. In the beginning y’all were like dogs and couldn’t stay off each other. Now he come in takes his shower and goes right to sleep. It’s cause his nuts already empty sis.

6.  Feels The Relationship Change

The honeymoon faze is always the best. You’re just meeting this person and all of your ideas coincide with his and you guys can be around each other for days without getting tired of seeing one another. Y’all talk on the phone 12 times a day and call each other just to check in and see what’s going on. After a while though, whether its stress or just the fact that the real him is showing now, he starts to become distant. The arguments are get louder, the jabs come quicker, and the silent treatments are more common. Y’all literally become two enemies walking around on egg shells just to keep from noticing the elephant in the room. Naturally she just needs someone to listen to what she’s feeling. Then swoops in Big Di*k Willie to wipe her tears and listen to her cries and before you realize you lost her she’s getting hit doggy style. The end

7.  Just For The Thrill

Okay okay so some chicks don’t ACTUALLY need you to give her a reason to cheat but that’s besides the point. Sometimes a chick sees a fine a*s dude that turns her on as soon as she sees him. He actually shows interest in her and she just can’t let go of the small possibility of what it could be. She has to experience this at face value and enjoy the magical ride he’s about to take her on. Dont start actin brand new, y’all do it too.

8.  No Quality Time

If you’re a man that prioritizes everything else before your girl then you’re about to lose her to a dude that got time. You are your girls best friend and she wants to be able to tell you about her entire day, what happened at work, cuddle next to you while watching Netflix and maybe even a little dinner date here and there. No woman wants to feel like she has to beg for your attention and naturally there’s always a dude in her dm waiting for you to f*ck up. What’s the quote? “You better start treating your girl like the Ni**as at the gas station do!”

9.  Partner Is Disrespectful   

Listen fellas, that mean boy ish don’t get you no where but cheated on with a nice dude. Take it from me, every ni**ga that thought he was cute when he was being disrespectful, calling names, hitting on me and pushing me to the side, was gradually being replaced by a man that had NONE of these qualities. See that mean ish is only cute when you mean to other girls cause you have a girlfriend at home. You can’t be walking around here being disrespectful to the one that’ll have your back through thick and thin.

10.  Broke!

This one explains itself. When a woman has to house you, feed you, get you back and forth and even buy your drawls, oh yeah she has another son. Then you wonder why she’s talking to you out of term, doesn’t really respect you as a man and wants you to get out her face. Being broke and showing no signs of changing it is a definite way to get cheated on. She’s gonna wanna talk to a man that knows he’s a king and doesn’t have to ask a soul for help. Shoot and can probably even pay some of her bills too!

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