I am your boy 1Syke , Tampa Florida representative.

What part of the city did you grow up at?

1syke: All around the city really (Da West, South Tampa, Ybor, Cross Fletcher) everywhere round here bro.  I kick my game everywhere I go!

What got you into the music business?

-1syke: Well I been rapping since I was little, but when I really started rapping and introducing my music to others 2002. Just playing around in people studios but then I stopped.

What made you stop?

-1syke: In the streets going to jail, I was in jail every year since I been in the streets. If I wasn’t in prison I was in the county and then I caught some crazy charges, got that up off my head then I started back with the music in 2012.

So what made you take this shit serious, the music industry being that you were in and out of the system?

-1syke: When I got out of prison the last time, my homeboy cash was rocking. This was around the end of December 2008 but I didn’t start back rapping till 2010-2011

So that’s when you said to yourself I’m about to start taking this shit serious?

-1syke: Yeah, my boy told his hype man about me on the road and he use to tell me about all the stuff they was doing on the road, so shhh I was like I want to fuck with it. Next thing you know I’m at the studio and I did a couple songs with them and it’s been on ever since.

So how do you feel about the music industry in Tampa Bay and why it so hard for the artist in Tampa to get the recognition that they should have?

-1syke: It’s the relationship between the artist and the djs, artist and promoters and the relationship between other artists.

So the DJs are the ones that kind of hold the key to getting artist shit played?

1syke: Oh yeah!  It’s the damn djs!

I notice that when I’m in the other cities the music from that city is getting played a lot. When in Atlanta you know you in Atlanta, when you go to Miami you know you in Miami. But when you come to Tampa it sounds like you in Atlanta & Miami.

We have a lot talented artist from The Tampa Bay Area that we will probably never hear any of their music at the clubs. That’s not a good look for the area.


-1syke: Yeah man, that’s real shit, these DJ niggas are dick riders in that aspect right there. They playing all these niggas music which is cool because the music is jamming but you can’t even get a discount on a show. YOU GOT ALL THESE TAMPA ARTIST THAT BE IN THE CLUB PAYING TO GET IN, BUYING BOTTLES, GETTING SECTIONS in shit. We artist are out here spending money in with DJs, Promotors and tipping  in clubs for yall to keep the lights on and they can’t even play a single, that’s some flaw shit .


What do you think is the solution to this issue in the city ?

-1syke: Well from what I understand the djs be wanting the artist to give them a few dollars which is understandable because at the end of the day it is a business and everybody trying to eat. At the same time if you sit down and talk to them everyone is different. You can pay some DJs and they still won’t play ya shit that where the problem is.


What some of the biggest hurdles you had to overcome?

-1syke: Shhh, niggas being scared of me. Niggas would not fuck with me because they know what I used to be on.

What you mean by that? Keep it 100!

-1syke:  shhh, I’m a “Jack Boy” Jack Boy Music I live it. That’s what I was doing straight up Homie.

………. Conversation piece between KC X 1SYKE

SEM: Well me personally just because a nigga a robber that don’t mean he robs everybody (1syke: exactly) some niggas that rob only got certain targets they looking at but the streets are dirty. Same thing as nigga out here hustling on the streets you can’t sell any and everybody a sack because these niggas maybe working with them people or that nigga might be trying to set you up on some other shit.

SEM: From past personal experiences , I could probably deal with this nigga and he could trust me with his money but I wouldn’t trust him with mine, because I know from a character stand point he don’t have the same loyalty I got when it comes to doing business.

-1syke: Being a Jack Boy, that’s a job bro you aren’t just out here like a savage, niggas know who to respect. On a real nigga level if you show fear a nigga gone eat. REAL RECOGNIZE REAL.  A Jack Boy is not damn buggy man he know he can get shot and killed too

So where did your inspiration/motivation come from?

-1syke: Trying to get out the streets honestly, even if I was still in the streets I would still be making music.


Describe your work ethic, do you think you’re a hard worker?

-1syke: Yeah, but I work different. I got this shit called “THE GOD HOUR”, which is before the sun come up I’m working. I feel like when I’m closer spiritually to the creator my mind more open. When everyone going to sleep or just waking up I’m in-tuned with the creator.

What’s unique about your music?

-1syke: Shhh me, because you give someone these words but they not gone make you feel them like me.

What are some your short terms goals?

-1syke: Well to just really get back on the road.

Where have you done shows at?

-1syke: Ohio, Miami, Atlanta, Orlando a lot of places actually.

Who are some of the artist you like in the music industry?

-1syke: shhh  Nas my favorite hands down,  Pac, TI, Biggie. Some of these new dudes like RALO, Young Thug etc.

Give da Streets your top 5 artist of all time?

-1syke: NAS, ANDRE 3000, BIGGIE, SNOOP DOGG, and  BG.

When you first started how did you promote yourself ?

1syke: We really aint have no promotion, we was just on the road straight up. I didn’t have no Instagram or nothing. So it was really just word of mouth.

Who are some of the producers you’ve worked with?

-1syke: My cousin Raw Tracks right here from Tampa he produced (Xanz), Spook The Monster etc. just to name a few.

 What inspired that track “ Xanz ”, like that’s a hot record?

-1syke: That was a whole project the “Pills & Remy”, they thought had a fell off but I didn’t I was fucked up. I got real bad anxiety and when that shit first started happening I didn’t know what it was and I was in and out the hospital . I was on medicine taking 3 Xanz a day everyday till I got addicted to them I went through a whole lot seeing physiatrist.

My cousin started sending me music , I was in the house viben trying to kick the medicine I was drinking Remy cause when I don’t take the medicine my whole head was on fire, I think I’m going crazy sweating throwing up so like I’m like damn I got to do something else because I’m addicted to the medicine. So I started drinking the Remy and started taking less of my pills but drinking more and more Remy. Then my cousin he sending me these beats and I was just sitting in the house written and came out Pills & Remy.

When did you realize your music was popping off?

-1syke: When people start coming back and telling me because bro I really don’t go outside ,I had stop going out. Plus when I was going through the anxiety I wasn’t being around people stopped doing shows in all that, but they still was coming to me it was like they was finding me.

Name a few of your projects?

 -1syke: Xanz, Pills & Remy, So Nasty, Man they can google 1syke

What’s the next thing to come from you?

-1syke: I’m always written, every day. Always talking to myself like I really do this rap shit.

So it aint even what I got planned, it’s just when I can get to do what I love to do.

What’s the label?



How can your fans stay in contact with you and learn more about 1Syke

 -1syke: Hit me up on Instagram I’m very active on IG and Facebook at 1syke.