What Happened To The Positive Message In Hip Hop

What Happened To The Positive Message In Hip Hop

Hip-Hop, over the years have influenced the thinking of our youth with disrespectful lyrics and dressing and has made our African-American women look cheap, gold diggers and unfit. Our women have been brought low the level of sex objects, and this badly influences the kind of mothers and wives we have in our communities.

The Hip Hop culture has been one of biggest influences on the young Africansand Afro- Americans societies world wide.

When anyone think of HIP HOP  the first image that comes to mind is the urban community with sagged jeans, big chains and a pistol. Hip-hop is now a platform to promote prison sentences, drug pushing, drug abuse, naked women and excessive alcohol.

From America to the Caribbean and to the mother land, Africa; Hip Hop has had a bad effect and has made a disastrous image of the African man, both home and abroad.

Let Ask this questions.

  • Where and when did it start?
  • What was  purpose behind Hip-hop?
  • How has the African American community benefitted from Hip-hop?
  • Wheat happened to the positive messages ?
  •  What are the negative effects of on the African-American community.


Hip Hop was originated in New York in the Bronx and most of the groups followed the teachings of some of the leading Black Rights Movement at the time. They were guided by the teachings of Malcolm X, Five Percent Nation, Nation of Islam, Weather Underground Organization and the Black Panthers.

  •  A former member of the Zulu Nation, is credited for coining the term “Six elements of the Hip Hop Movement”.
  • Consciousness Awareness
  • Civil Rights Awareness
  • Activism Awareness
  • Justice
  • Political Awareness
  • Community Awareness in music.

Common do y’all see what has happened!!!

Now if these were the principles and ideology upon which Hip-hop was formed, how did it all get to this? How come Hip-Hop now promotes everything negative?

Some may argue that true Hip-Hop still exists in the lyrics of some Hip Hop heads, such as JayZ, Jay Cole, Nas, Kendrick Lamar etc. Others may also say that true Hip-Hop died with the era of Tupac and BIG. Whatever opinions we might hold about the music, is not as important as the ideology and purpose of those who founded Hip-Hop.

Do the African-American community today have any morals and consciousness? Do it even exist any more. It seems be all for show and play and not for generations building. And this is happening round the world.

Must of the music today is advertising to our young men to shoot up their communities and not defend them. Most of the today’s artists advertised in their music message is to use drugs, guns, and violence. Imagine the impact it’s having that on this generation.

Now there are some conscious Hip-Hop music. Like  Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Nas  But how come they are not being embraced but the media companies are promoting all the negativity. Now what the reason behind this. Well that is a topic for another day.

Today Hip Hop is one of the highest cause for Africa-Americans men in prisons. Of course, we can exclude the racial targeting of our young men by the system. That is a case for another article.

We need to change the negative message being programmed in the next generation mind and start to reprogram them with positive lyrics. This will take time but we must start somewhere.





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