83% Of Georgia’s Residents Hospitalized With COVID-19 Are Black

83% Of Georgia’s Residents Hospitalized With COVID-19 Are Black

According to reports released Wednesday from the CDC 83% of people in Georgia hospitalized in March with COVID-19 are black. The report states “the proportion of hospitalized patients who were black was higher than expected based on overall hospital admissions.”

The CDC based these findings from demographic data from 305 coronavirus patients admitted to eight hospitals, seven of which are in Atlanta and the other one located in southern Georgia; these finding showed that out of 297 patients where race was known, 247 of those were black.

Statistically blacks account for 52% of the population in Atlanta and 32% of the population in Georgia statewide. What this means is they were over-represented in COVID-19 hospitalizations.

This report came just days after Georgia’s governor, Brian Kemp allowed some businesses in the state to reopen despite other local representatives’ disapproval. Georgia has over 26,000 cases reported of the novel coronavirus. According to projections, the outbreak peak will not occur until sometime after May 2.

The chart below shows the breakdown of hospitalizations by race in the state of Georgia.

The study in this particular report does not account for every single coronavirus case in the state, it focuses mostly on Atlanta. The disparity discovered that the findings align with New York, Illinois, California and all of the other states where black communities are being hit the hardest by the virus.

Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams said earlier this month that “we do not think people of color are biologically or genetically disposed to get COVID-19, but they are socially predisposed to coronavirus exposure and to have a higher incidence of the very diseases that put you at risk for severe complications from the coronavirus.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said earlier in April that the disparity most likely has to do with the prevalence of “underlying medical conditions”, like diabetes, hypertension, asthma and obesity.

Bring in the middle of a crisis like we are in now, really shines a light on the weaknesses in our society.He then went on to add, “we will get over coronavirus”, but there will still be health disparities in which really need addressing in the African American communities nationwide.

Stay safer at home, wash your hands and social distance. The life you save could very well be your own or even a loved one.

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