A Message From Behind  The Wall

A Message From Behind The Wall

First of all, in issue #103, the article about “March Madness”, written by Jeremial Camera, should have been “March Sadness” and the Blind leading the Blind

“Integration and those who follow integrationist / civil right leaders are weak mentally and spiritually “. Here it is you people with good intentions and strength want to speak justice in a land, were you was classified as a slave and sub-human. You want to go to a court house, that has a symbol of a blind folded European woman name Justice, holding a scale, Think about the ignorance of your leaders, who have been said appointed by the media or a few marches they attended during their day in the 60’s and 70’s . What progress have they made? Look at this tree, that you seek protection and shade from the sun. Look at the fruits that come of this tree, Uncle Toms, Beggars, subservients, and supported by the same people you people you seek Justice from, those who uphold white supremacy. Look at the Educational System, Health Care , House, Job Markets and the Injustice System etc.

These same so called African-American; still fight for; a people who broke up your family, raped,killed, stole and home invaded every group of people on this planet. These insane people on this planet. These insane people we have been fighting for the last 2,000 years. You have to be equal in this society away from such ignorance and sadness and do for self. When you drop this oppressors Religion, Education, Economic System, Values and immortals etc; than you will see your struggles not conform or compromise your knowledge of self and your integrity. Your struggle is to rise up and focus on a new direction and path and that it doesn’t include handout from Uncle Tom/ Aunt Jemima’s etc. We will not allow others to define us, because our fore parents and creators of civilization the highest one know to man (Kemit) has already done it. We need to learn that system that produces movers, gods and goddess, not clowns, sambas and cardboards. Civil right are less than Human Right, Human Right is what the creator gave every human on this earth.

In the end what did you all get out of the march? You did not get Justice, because for one you (marchers) in their eyes jumped on the LADY OF JUSTICE SON A (European). Plus in their eyes, we had no right to get mad. But the sad thing is, in the end they won.

The beater pleads out and is willing to testify against the rest. Now is that divisiveness and mis-education, the Lawyers felt proud of thus minor victory? So, what does the leader say about that; Nothing…

So, as you look to your  right of the article Food for Thought, ponder on what Dr. Carter G. Woodson says in Mis- Education of the Negro.

“WE need workers, not leaders such workers will solve the problems which race Leaders talk about”

Wake Up! Corey Smith



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