Dealing With A Man With Women

Dealing With A Man With Women

Fellas, sorry for breaking “Bro-Code”, but some ladies need to hear this, and many still will not understand.

Ladies, when dealing with a man that messes with multiple women,he is not going to tell you the truth about anything, PERIOD. He is going to tell every one of those women exactly what they want to hear and have them all hating one another! Truth be told, these types of men do not care about anyone except themselves.

You ladies think that you have “WON” or accomplished some sort of goal because he deals with you more than the others, deals with or does more for your child- that is not winning. Every time you turn your back, leave the room, take a nap or catch an extra shift at work, he is texting, calling or visiting with these lame excuses of how he fell asleep or his phone died. They are falling for it, and you are too…

Just because he is “there” physically, does not mean that you have “won”.

You will never be enough for some, but you will be more than enough for the “One”.

Until this man has dropped all females that he “deals with”, and changes his relationship for the betterment of your relationship, you have not won.

A man will only do what you as a woman allow him to do. He will deal with you how you allow him to deal with you. Nothing more, nothing less.

Self love is more important than anything, if a man sees a woman mistreating and disrespecting herself, he is going to do the exact same thing,



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