Gang Members Unite in L.A. to Honor Nipsey Hussle

Gang Members Unite in L.A. to Honor Nipsey Hussle

Something extraordinary is going on in L.A. in light of Nipsey Hussle’s tragic death. Per TMZ, there has been some sort of peace treaty formed between multiple gangs. These gangs have united to demonstrate their love and admiration for Hussle, and everything he stood for.

This afternoon in Crenshaw, a peace march went down not too far from where Hussle was gunned down Sunday. The coordination of this march went down last night when gang leaders from all over California met up to discuss a cease fire and peace treaty. The leaders discussed putting the word out in the neighborhoods to put the guns down, and unite in honor of Hussle.

Sources say members of varios gangs gathered outside of a grocery store in Crenshaw, marching several blocks to end in front of Hussle’s Marathon Store.

Peace of this kind between so many gangs has not been witnessed since the early 1990’s.

There is no word on the length of the peace treaty and unity order. We are hoping it will last quite some time in honor of Hussle.

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