Hepatitis A Outbreak in Tampa Bay Area

Hepatitis A Outbreak in Tampa Bay Area

Heptatitis A has become morer than an epidemic in the Tampa Bay Area. More cases are being reported daily. This epidemic is so serious, there has been a Health Advisory across the entire state of Florida.

It is critical for EVERYONE to follow precautions and proper preventative measures to protect yourself and your loved ones from contracting the virus. Please remember it is VITAL to not be misinformed and believe the myths being spread across the internet and social media regarding Hepatitis A.

Below is a compilation of key facts and the precautionary measures:

Hep A is a communicable disease of the liver, typically transmitted through the fecal-oral route from person to person or by consuming contaminated food or water,

Hep A is transmitted via the feces of those infected with the virus. If the infected person does not properly and thoroughly was their hands after using the restroom, the traces of feces can spread to basically anything they touch. The virus then spreads to non-infected persons once they come in contact with contaminated objects and don’t properly wash their hands before ingesting something.

Bottom line, if you live an extremely social lifestyle and eat out frequently, you should speak to your primary care physician, and see if vaccinations are recommended for you. Be sure you are washing your hands extra if you are in the Tampa Bay Area.

Please contact your local Health Department, Primary Care Physician, or the CDC for more information.


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