June 1st ” Nipsey Hussle Appreciation Day”

June 1st ” Nipsey Hussle Appreciation Day”

Nipsey Hussle’s impact was one felt all across the country before his untimely passing in March 2019, in which he was gunned down in front of his Los Angeles store.

As of June 1st, Harlem officials are declaring that this Los Angeles native’s legacy forever lives on. To honor him in his death, and continue to fight for the betterment of the black communities, the village of  Harlem , New York officially declared June 1st as “Nipsey Hussle Appreciation Day.” Officials made the announcement of this “huge success”  at Rucker’s Park surrounded by community members and fans.

In tribute it was also revealed by a Instagram user  (Indigo Grant), that she was able to get four proclamations and eight citations passed in Hussle’s honor. “[I]f nothing else King, you have inspired us all to be more involved in our communities showing upcoming generations that the streets aren’t the only way and to fix issues locally to inspire others to do the same,” she wrote. “May Los Angeles know just how much Nip meant to all of us as well.”

This special honor comes just days after it was reported that the Crips gang filed trademark of Nipsey’s slogan “The Marathon Continues”, a month after Puma confirmed that they would continue to release products they collaborated on with Nipsey Hussle.

In April, the city of Los Angeles paid tribute to Hussle with  a memorial basketball court at the Crete Academy in Hyde Park. That same month, Los Angeles Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson introduced to legislation to rename Crenshaw and Slauson after the beloved philanthropist.

People around the country have honored him in their own ways, in response to Hussle’s statement ” if they kill me y’all better ride for me”, people are stopping at nothing to “Go Hard or Go Home”. A number of organizations are working to ensure his wishes are fulfilled and by continuing his work through his foundation to create change and peace in black communities.

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