Kodak Black Sentenced to Prison on Federal Gun Charges

Kodak Black Sentenced to Prison on Federal Gun Charges

Today Kodak Black aka Bill Kapri was sentenced to three years and ten months in federal prison. U.S. District Court Judge Frederico Moreno sentenced Kodak for lying about his criminal record in attempts to purchase six firearms on two separate occasions at Lou’s Police and Security Equipment in Hialeah, Florida.

“Young people do stupid things, but the problem is that you have been doing stupid things since you were fifteen”, Moreno told Kapri.

Kodak accepted responsibility and apologized for his actions prior to his sentencing for what he called a “mishap”. Kodak has been in custody since May at a federal detention center in Miami,Fl.

Prior to being sentenced today, prosecutors revealed that Kodak was recently involved in a nasty prison brawl. Allegedly Kodak was under the influence of unknown substance and viciously assaulted an officer that intervened. Kodak beat him so badly in the groin and face that he ended up in the hospital with a hernia.

Kodak’s defense team disputed allegations, stating that Kodak was drugged and tricked into the incident by fellow inmates with gang affiliation. This incident had no bearing on his present sentence.

However, a factor that did weigh in on his sentence was the fact that one of the weapons purchased was found at a shooting incident that took place in Pompano Beach in March. Court documents state that the gun was loaded and bore Kodak’s fingerprints. The documents also allege the intended target of the shooting was an unidentified rival rap artist. A rental vehicle registered to Kodak was also seen at the location during the time of the incident. Kodak was not charged in the shooting.

Kodak still has three other pending criminal cases. An alleged sexual assault, drugs and weapons charges found in a vehicle and one other that was not named at time of press.

This is a breaking story. Street Elements will keep you informed as more details are released.

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