Makin’ Moves: Ghoo Tha Inspiration

Makin’ Moves: Ghoo Tha Inspiration

A Savannah Native, Ghoo Tha Inspiration is bringing back the REAL to the game. He has a dope flow something like that of Tupac when it come down to getting a message across. He recently got home from doing a 9 year bid so now he has something to show the world and he AIN’T GONE SLACK UP!

Age: 39

Hometown: Savannah, Georgia

Music I Grew up Listening To: It was pretty much rap and hiphop more so than anything. You know gangsta stuff things of that nature. Tupac became my favorite artist over time. I liked a lot of people from the “No Limit” camp and I liked a lot of stuff from up north like Jay Z and Nas. I had an older homie from Philly that put me on the up north rappers. Other than Tupac it was more of the down south rappers I paid attention to . I like different music sometimes but more so rap than anything. 

Artists Ive Been Compared To: Man of course Tupac because formal formal that was kind of like my aim at one point. I’ve heard people say Jeezy as well but more so Tupac than anything. Some people done said Rick Ross too. They say I have a Barry White undertone.  

Songs My Fans Love The Most: One called Get Wit You and it’s off of my first album I was trying to push. I recently came home from doing 9 year in the feds so I didn’t get to push that one the way I would have liked to. It’s another song called “Gangsta Nigga” featuring Black Money.  They like another one called “They Ain’t On Your Level” featuring Roscoe Da Boss & Trilogy. When I first came out in 08 I put those songs on a cd as like a demo and I just gave those away. So from there people became familiar with those songs. As of late though, I got another one called “Lane Changin”. I recently shot a video for that one and I received a lot of good feedback on that one. 

My Most Slept On Song: My most slept on song would have to be “If Youon Sang”. I haven’t got a chance to really put it out the way that I really want to or shoot a video for it.  I think that’s my most slept on song right now, until I shoot this video. 

Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done: The craziest shit I ever did? The craziest shit I ever done was went and got locked up. The time that I just did is crazy cause I went and got myself in so much trouble that I went and got 10 years behind it. But at the end of the day I realize that it was a blessing because for one I’m still here and mentally I’m a lot better.  I’ve done more since coming home than I ever did in my life by trying to pursue this music shit. From the shit I used to do its only God that had my back because I could be dead or locked up for a longer time. 

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Something Most People Don’t Know About Me: That despite how I look or how I may come off that I’m actually lovable and cool. A lot of people think I’m mean or aggressive but I m loving I’m caring, loving, very humorous. I’m a whole different person than I might appear to look like. 


I’m Gonna Blow Up Because: Because Im not gonna stop until I do blow up. It inevitable. Of course I  have talent but I’m gonna blow because ima work until I get there. Even if its behind the scenes of the industry I’m gonna make sure that I’m in the position to be able to do what I really want to in the industry. 

I’m Gonna Be The Next: I would like my reign to be like that of Rick Ross and Yo Gotti because we talking about guys that came from absolutely nothing to having everything. They have artists that they putting on and they steady rapping too. I want my own BRAND like an MMG situation. Rick ross and Gotti done came a long way. 

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