Makin’ Moves: KPM Blizz

Makin’ Moves: KPM Blizz

Emerging artist KPM Blizz has an undeniable flow with the ability to ride the hell out of any beat he gets on. He has his own lil swag that separates him from almost everybody that’s trying to do this rap thing. He got our attention with his song ‘Reasons’ which is a freestyle to Money Bagg Yo’s beat ‘Don’t Know’. With his southern accent and lyrical genius, we HAD to let y’all know that he’s MAKIN’ MOVES!


Age: 24

Hometown: Hattiesburg, MS

Music I Grew Up Listening To: Lil Boosie and Webbie really. When I was younger my daddy listened to Pimp c and Ugk and stuff. But really I was more into Boosie and Webbie, like I used to look them up on youtube and stuff and now I get to feel the same type of love I used to see them get in they videos. When I go out, how the young crowd be showing me love, that’s what keeps me going.

Artist I’ve Been Compared To: They don’t say I sound like anyone but a lot of people say my style reminds them of Young Dolph. Everybody say I got my own sound though, they like how I talk fast it, makes my flow sound way harder.

Songs My Fans Love The Most: Really right now my song called ‘Reasons’ and it’s on that Money Bagg Yo ‘Don’t Know’ instrumental. Boosie had posted it on facebook so I HAD to go make a video for it. Say Cheese just posted me too so it’s really moving.

My Most Slept On Song: I have a couple but my favorite song off the mix tape is really slept on, it’s called ‘Honda’. That bih so slept on.

Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done: Me and partner was coming back to the crib and we saw some niggas we had beef with so we get to fighting and dude bussed my partner big sister window with a brick. So we go back home his mama file a police report and they come out. They don’t really do nothing though. They say they gone handle it but they don’t be doing nothing so as soon as they leave we hit the block and I started shooting and just so happened the gun had done jammed, just in time though, cus if we would’ve hit one of they ass the cops would’ve known it was us.

Something Most People Don’t Know About Me: Most people be thinking that I’m stuck up and cocky but I’m really laid back. Im a Capricorn I really stay to myself. I mean people think I’m being funny around my city cus ion really be remembering people since I see and deal with so many people, but I really just be chilling.

I’m Gonna Blow Up Because: Because this music shit is really what I do. I just do what I love and make sure I love doing it. Everything I invest in comes straight from my pockets. Most people do this for money or fame I do it because I love it. When the money comes it’s just gonna be a plus and give me more shit to rap about. Music is a good ass way for me to express myself cus when I’m happy I can make a song, when I’m down I can make a song. Shoot a video get fresh make ’em look at you lol. I just do this shit for fun.

I’m Gonna Be The Next: I think I’m trying to be the next Master P cus it really ain’t no limit to this shit. You can do anything you put your mind to. If it ain’t way then find the way. You gotta be book smart and street smart. It’s people out here that’s only book smart and can’t survive 2 weeks in the real world. Be out here on drugs and shit. But a street smart person that be skipping school and doing bad stuff in school can get out and be on their own and know how to survive.


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