Makin’ Moves: Nell Beamen

Makin’ Moves: Nell Beamen

At what some would consider the beginning stages of his career, Nell Beamen already has some superstar tendencies. We couldn’t help but realize his great work ethic as far as releasing music on a continuous basis and the fact that he isn’t scared to give you some hard ass visuals to go right with the track! Nell has a smooth approachable flow that can ride almost any beat he gets on so its safe to say we should be hearing a lot more from him because the only way he has left to go is up!

Age: 24

Hometown: Davenport Fl. Polk County. East Polk County.

Music I Grew Up Listening To: I grew up listening to all genres. Rap, r&b, people like The Weekend. I was very open to all music. I didn’t listen to like country and stuff but i listened to a lot of different people. Chris brown, Lil Wayne, Migos etc.

Artist I’ve Compared To: I haven’t really heard anything lately. I remember when I first started people would say I sounded like K Camp but I don’t really hear that no more.

Songs My Fans Love The Most: The songs my fans like the most are “Honest”, “Longway”, “Dont Push Me”, & “Bills”. I think “Longway” is starting to become the most played song. But “Honest” is the original most played song. “Michael Ealy” did a lot of plays from my first project but a lot of people think I should have done a video for it. I still might do one though.

Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done: Craziest thing I’ve ever done was made a homemade bomb and i threw it in somebody house. I was just young and bad i was like 13. They were non flammable bombs just really loud but we were just bad little kids.

Something Most People Don’t Know About Me: Something most people don’t know about me is that I’m real country. I’m not all into the flashy shit. Even though I come off as flashy, I take pride in being country.

I’m Gonna Blow Up Because: I’ma blow up because I’m very different, original, and versatile. I’ve had my back against the wall before so I know how to handle being down.

I’m Gonna Be The Next: I cant really say because you know God has a plan for everybody. Everybody has a chance to write they own story. Like Nipsey Hussle I bet he had a whole plan for his story and he probably achieved most of what he said he will do. It worked for him. But everyone has their own little route they’re gonna take and I understand that.

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