Makin’ Moves: OG Classick

Makin’ Moves: OG Classick

This Florida native is bringing heat this spring with his hot lyrical flow and sooped up graphics and design that he’s bringing to his music videos and artwork.

Age: 31

Music I Grew Up Listening To: I grew up listening to like rap and hip hop. I had a big influence from my sister and my mama. That’s how I kinda learned all the old school R&B songs. Me personally I would listen to like Ja Rule and DMX. That’s what i was really jamming like my first Cd was DMX and then Ja Rule. I Like Jay Z but I was more into DMX and Ja Rule.

Artist I’ve Been Compared To: Right now no one. I haven’t heard any comparisons. Anybody that hear me say I have my own sound. When I first started rapping people would say I sounded like T.I and Plies but I haven’t gotten that comparison in years.

Songs My Fans Love The Most: My most popular song with the fans is “G Code”. People gravitate to “Whole Thang” when they hear that one as well. My mix tape called No Validation has a popular song on it called “Regardless” that the people love.

Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done: The craziest thing I’ve ever done? I done did some crazy shit…when you say crazy what exactly do you mean? I think the craziest shit i ever did was when I went over this girl house and she stayed with her sister but her sister wasn’t home and I ain’t have no car at this time. I stayed with mama and we had an alarm on the door. So I went out the door and the alarm went off so I had to make sure my mama was still sleep. So I closed the door as close as I could get it without actually closing it all the way so the alarm wouldn’t go off when I came back. Then I took my mama car. So I go see the girl and she live way in New Tampa while i lived in temple terrace. So I get there, we do what we do, and then her sister come home with her boyfriend. So I suit in her room for a little bit and I’m trying to think what I’m bout to do to get out this house without anyone seeing me. Her room was upstairs and they were downstairs in the living room. so I’m like fuck it I’m bout to go out the window but she stay on the second floor. So I’m like FUCK! so she goes down stairs to see if there’s a way i can get out through the front but it ain’t so I end up having to go out the window and I end up on the roof standing on this little ledge. I Looked down for a good 5 minutes before I got the courage to actually jump down. so I finally jump off and I land on my feet and my butt at the same time. When I looked up I realized they could’ve seen me but thank God they didn’t. I had to run immediately so they couldn’t see me. When I got to the car I went straight home and my mama didn’t know what had gone on so I made out of that situation safe but I was still surprised because I never thought I would’ve had to jump out a chick window.

Something Most People Don’t Know About Me: Most people don’t know that I’m easy to talk to. A lot of people don’t think I’m approachable but I’m easy to talk to. Like I can talk about anything. I can talk on any level. I’m really down to earth and I’m not trying to prove nothing to nobody.

I’m Gonna Blow Up Because: I’m gonna blow up because i have my own style. Everything i do is high quality. My music is relate-able. I’m willing to invest in myself which sets me aside from a lot of other artist. And I’m just a solid person, not just artist, but person.

I’m Gonna Be The Next: I don’t really wanna be like anyone. I want people to wanna be the next me. I don’t wanna be the next nobody. I know some people who’ve done some good business but i wanna be original. Ain’t nobody tat high up that’s like ME so I wanna set a new blueprint for people to wanna be like me.


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