Maryland Governor Calls for Baltimore Mayor to Resign After Raid

Maryland Governor Calls for Baltimore Mayor to Resign After Raid

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh’s home was raided by the FBI and IRS earlier today. Pugh is being investigated over sales of a children’s book she authored. Pugh’s attorney, Steve Silverman stated that Pugh also met with a doctor today at her home. Silverman said Pugh is “sick” and not “lucid” enough to make any decisions regarding a resignation.

Sources previously reported Pugh had skipped town, according to her attorney, this is not true. Pugh’s attorney’s office was also raided by the FBI and IRS today as part of this ongoing investigation. Silverman confirms a meeting between Pugh and himself today at her Ashburton home.

Controversy is growing in regards to her book “Healthy Holly” and the sale of it to The University of Maryland while she sat on the board of directors at the school. Thus making her recovery process more difficult from what has now been diagnosed as pneumonia. Pugh has a home doctor’s visit scheduled at her home for tomorrow.

Pugh took an indefinite leave of absence on April 1st claiming health issues. We have learned that April 1st, Governor Hogan contacted state prosecutors requesting Pugh be investigated for her “questionable dealings”.

Governor Hogan, Baltimore City Council and other law makers called for Pugh to resign today. That did not happen.

Silverman told reporters “nothing incriminating was discovered during wither raid today.

This is a developing story. More details will be released as we receive them.

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