What city do you represent ? Slugga: Clearwater Florid 

How long have you been in the business?  Slugga: About 8 years now

We hear you been doing your thing out here in the streets grinding?  Slugga: Ye im out here “Maken Moves” grinding but I been on cruise control I haven’t even push the gas yet ya fell me .

What should the streets be looking forward too?  Slugga: Beginning of May ill be dropping 1500, my new project solo pushed by myself. No, management, no budget, no bargains everything straight out my pocket. I’m self-independent , I just opened up my business it’s called “ BLM “ . Its all about getting better!                                                                                                                        

What some of the things you’ve learned from being in the music industry ? Slugga: Handle your own business , don’t let nobody do nothing for you , take the time to really look into the business don’t get caught up in the crowd ,don’t just get caught up in the music but really handle the business. If you can handle your own business you will succeed.                                                                            

What does your music represent?  Slugga: Me, what you see is what you get. If I lost everything today would you still except me ? Them same people that was with you when you were down are they still going to be there if you come up and fall off.      

 Any shows your looking forward too ?  Slugga:  I was fortunate to get booked the same night as Lil Boosie in the same city,as a headline artist its not so much a competition but to be considered for a promoter to take his/her time out to invest in me at the same night they have got a bigger event going on elsewhere is a blessing.

What sets your music apart from other rappers? Slugga:  I make reality music off of actual life experiences try to stay away from the over exaggerating lifestyles…