Officials To Announce Probable Cause In Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash

The National Transportation Safety Board will formally announce on Tuesday 02/09/2021 the official cause of the crash that killed Hobe Bryant and eight others.

Investigators have been working on this case for just over a year, but will formally announce their findings during a virtual meeting streamed to the public.

During the days following the crash, the NTSB said preliminary findings showed no signs of engine failure. Months following the crash, it was said by the NTSB that the pilot, Ara Zobayan may have become disoriented when the aircraft was caught in deep fog. In June 2020, reports released from the NTSB found evidence that Zobayan thought he was ascending over the fog when in reality he was descending. Autopsy reports show Zobayan was not under the influence of drugs nor alcohol at the time of the crash, and his girlfriend told the NTSB he in fact was in “great shape”.

At this time it is unclear whether there is any new evidence or not, but it seems as if the NTSB will confirm its earlier findings.

Continue to RIP Kobe, GiGi and all others involved in this tragic accident.


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