“Scarface” Of The Geto Boys Tests Positive FOr COVID-19

“Scarface” Of The Geto Boys Tests Positive FOr COVID-19

Scarface of the Geto Boys is the most recent celebrity to announce that he has tested positive for the novel coronavirus or COVID-19. He announced his diagnosis on March 26,2020 while on a live-stream with one of his fellow Geto Boys rappers.

Scarface stated that what started as a simple itch in the throat led him to feeling like he was not going to make it out alive. When he went to the ER, he was treated with IV fluids and antibiotics. After being discharged, he landed right back to the same ER with what was diagnosed as pneumonia in both lungs. He now is dealing with issues of kidney failure. Doctors are recommending that he recover from the virus and then kidney issues will be addressed. They must prioritize one issue at a time.

Prayers going up for a speedy recovery for Scarface from all of us here at Street Elements Magazine!

People this is another example as to why you need to be aware of the impacts COVID-19 can have on your life. Be safe all.

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