Sheesh! New York Man In The Feds After Trafficking Over $100 Million In Fake Timberland & Ugg Boots

Sheesh! New York Man In The Feds After Trafficking Over $100 Million In Fake Timberland & Ugg Boots

If you’ve recently bought some Timbs then check your —- because somebody been scheming! The New York Post has reported that a man from Queens named Hai Long Huang was picked up by the feds after discovering that since 2011, he’s bought thousands of pairs of boots into the States from China. He would have them shipped in storage containers and then set up shop on the corner of Delancey and Suffolk in New York.

Hai Long would purchase generic boots here without the logo, then have the Timberland and Ugg logo stamped onto them in order to make a greater profit. The feds included some of this in their complaints where they more specifically said: “Some of these boots are produced to resemble Timberland and UGG boots in design and color, but significantly, are ‘generic,” they stated. “That is, these boots are imported into the United States without the inclusion of logos that are trademarks registered with the United States Patent and Trademark office.”

Crazy right?  But what Hai didn’t know was that the Feds had already been eyeing him so they had uncovers going to purchase from him just to make sure they could solidify the case. In August Hai sold vice a dozen pairs of the fake Timbs for only $515. The feds reported that when they inspected the shoe, they were able to remove the Timberland labeling and discovered that the boots were actually “Fangeli” boots.

Huang allegedly shipped $5 Million worth of fake Timbs and UGGs in three different containers which each held about 27,252 pairs. They say that once he saw the profit growing he got a little greedy and had plans of selling the rest of his inventory of 396,000 pairs of boots totaling $123 Million.

Hai is going to court in New York where they released him on a $75,000 bond but he definitely has to stick around to face the trial.

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