Street Elements Artist Spotlight: Why HipHop x Red Rianna

Street Elements Artist Spotlight: Why HipHop x Red Rianna


Meet Red Rianna! A dazzling star from Haines City, Fl who is taking the music world by storm ALREADY. She’s had some of the best to cosign her work and let us know that she’s the REAL DEAL!. People like Cradi B and P from QC just to name a few, and it doesn’t look like she’s going to slow down anytime soon! We had a chance to interview her on our show Why HipHop so we could learn her motives for becoming an artist. Here’s what she had to say!

Jaznicee: Why Hip-Hop?

Red Rianna: “I really would say I’m just a music person, so Hip-Hop, Country, R&B,just everything. So it’s just music in general that motivates me. Like growing up, I would listen to like Eve, even Pink. I had all her CDs and old jams. I loved the fact that she had a “not scared of nothing “ demeanor. Rough around the edges a little bit, but still had that pretty girl swag.” 

Jaznicee: Well that explains you! What made you want to get into music and actually being an artist?

Red Rianna: “I mean, I just always loved music! Like I was the type of person, like I would be in the house with a damn broom and be singing around the house and really thinking I’m performing. I really, really like, no lie would sit on my couch and pretend that I was doing interviews with people, like for real, it was that deep! This not no just woke up one morning like I wanna rap. It was weird growing up like, I really did this. My mama used to be like “get off my couch and put my broom back!”

Jaznicee: When did you decide to get into the studio? 

Red Rianna: “Well I always like dabbed in it, like I would start it and then be like ”ooh I don’t like that”. Like, I wasn’t comfortable enough to actually put it out. But then I was just like, “man I could really do this” because all of my situations always brought me back to the music. Like, I couldn’t get away from it even if I didn’t like the way I had recorded something. I would keep going back until I finally was able to find my sound and like the way that I was delivering, the way that I was rapping. I was like oh okay, I like myself as a rapper.”

Jaznicee: I saw that Cardi B and Pierre from QC reposted you video on her Instagram how did that make you feel when you saw that? 

Red Rianna: “It was humbling! I was excited, but I humbled myself because I realized okay if they could repost it then Drake or Beyonce could eventually repost my stuff too! So it humbled me, but it also motivated me to be like, ok I really could do this and if they like it then I don’t care what noooo body else talking about. I was just so excited when I seen Cardi posted my video though! I was SCREAMING. I felt like I had just won a GRAMMY!”

Jaznicee: What are some of the biggest adversities that you’ve faced in the industry?

Red Rianna: “Sometimes it takes like 50 tries to do this one little thing, and I be like uh uh now come on. I don’t have 50 ties to be doing this. But I’ve learned that’s what it takes to get that success that you want. You gotta keep going. Sometimes I get things on the first try, sometimes I have to do something 25 times to get it right. I have to make sure I don’t get stuck on that one lil success and just to keep going even if you don’t get the same success that you did on that first project. You just gotta keep going no matter what.” 

Jaznicee:  Do you have any advice for any females coming up in the game? Like what would you have told the young Red Rianna? 

Red Rianna: “If it was anything that I could tell my younger self, it would be to START NOW! I feel like I procrastinated, made excuses, doubted myself because I thought it wasn’t the right time and maybe it wasn’t but JUST START! And just really be passionate about it. I don’t believe in just doing something because everybody else is doing it or because it’s poppin’, like I genuinely LOVE music. I act like an artist, walk like an artist and I talk like an artist because I KNOW I’m gonna be an artist. I believe in myself.”

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