Trick Daddy Arrested in South Florida on DUI and Cocaine Charges

Trick Daddy Arrested in South Florida on DUI and Cocaine Charges

Maurice Samuel Young aka Trick Daddy was arrested in Miami-Dade early Saturday morning on DUI and cocaine charges.

Police reports state that an officer responded to a call of a driver hitting signs and running traffic lights in a black or dark colored Range Rover near 42nd St and SW 128th Ave around 3:20 this morning. As the officer approached the vehicle, the driver appeared to be asleep.

After he was awakened by a knock on the driver’s side window, the driver was identified as Maurice Samuel Young A.K.A. Trick Daddy Dollars. He advised officers he had been to a club in Miami Gardens.

According to arrest reports, TDD advised officers that he had approximately five drinks hours earlier and was just in the area dropping someone off at home before heading home himself. Young had slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and the scent of alcohol on his breath. He agreed to taking field sobriety tests, but was unsuccessful at completing them.

Trick Daddy was taken to Hammocks District Station for processing. While there, officers found a dollar bill containing cocaine in his possession. He also had an outstanding warrant for DUI. He was booked into Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center around 7:30 am this morning.

His bond was set at $5,000 on the cocaine possession charge and $1,000 on the DUI charge. His bond has been posted.

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