True Beauty

True Beauty

Where did you grow up?

Tampa, Fl

At what age did you start modeling?

At age 24

Since your start in 2016 have you been in many videos and photoshoots?

Music videos aren’t really my thing, I’m more into photo shoots.

What is your most memorable shoot experience?

My very first one with Alcole Studios because I was kind of nervous. I had to keep taking pictures because I didn’t know exactly what I was doing. but I don’t have that problem anymore. It’s a breeze now.


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Do you find that some stars may view women that model as a piece of meat?

Yes they definitely do. They think we’re a piece of meat because of what we do but you can’t put every model in the same category because every model is not the same

What are some of your hobbies?

I like to do hair. I’m a great stylist and I like to style kids more. I enjoy modeling. I like dancing, I’m an exotic dancer myself. I just like to have fun basically.

What are physical attributes that you like in a man?

A gentleman. Small things go far with me. I like a man a little on the crazy side just not too crazy. Someone that knows how to take control but won’t hurt me.

What is one of the most memorable pick up lines that you have encountered?

It’s so disgusting but this guy wanted to go to the private room with me but I don’t do the private room situation. When I wouldn’t go he said ” I promise I won’t nut in you baby”. That was so disgusting. It’s bad enough he wanted to have sex with me and it was even nastier that he was trying to have unprotected sex with me. Just gross.

Do you find that men are scared to approach you? 

Yes. Because they may think I’m high maintenance but I’m not. I’m a very cool and laid back person just don’t come at me the wrong way.

Describe what type of woman are you in the bedroom? 

Let’s just say I’m a SCORPIO! I’ll leave it that…

Where is the weirdest place that you’ve made love? 

Somewhere outside but I won’t tell y’all too much. I like to keep that between me and my lover.

Which do you prefer to wear to the beach: bikini or thong? 

Bikini because I like to be respectful of other women. But if I’m at work then it’ll be a thong.



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