Since i started working in the HIV/AIDS field 18 years ago. I’ve seen many changes, positives ones and also bad ones. HIV/AIDS has affected our world in a devastating way where the human society has become victims of the epidemic.

HIV does not discriminate race, color, financial status etc. In the beginning when AIDS was first announced in the USA in 1981 its first victims were white gay males until one year later when women’s babies & minorities were presenting the same symptoms as of those in the beginning. As time went on the US Health Officials started with the investigations in order to establish a cure and a prevention source for our nation. Programs were developed to provide information worldwide and in our neighborhoods. Now everyone was talking about HIV.

Movie stars, famous athletes, music artists, among others were becoming infected proving that this virus is everywhere.

African American men and women face the most server’s burden of HIV and AIDS in the nation. The harsh reality is that 1 in 16 black men will be diagnosed with HIV at some point in their lifetime, as will 1 in 30 black women.

Protect yourselves, Get Tested, Know your status it’s the only way to stay safe.

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