Donk Day 2017 was Epic too say the least! It was a beautiful sunny day in Miami. People from all over the US came with chevy-donks of all colors of the rainbow to shine and put them on display at at Donkday  550 NW 24th St Miami.  Sak pase to all Zoes them boys came through deep and show out and represented Dade like I knew they would. The who is who of this donk-life movement came and supported this event such as Corleone Forgeo was there with the black Rolls Royce with the stainless steel hood, Sandman Designs, #Team74 from Nashville took home a trophy they are street certified in Fla. Nate The Great Paint 407, Manny Donk Nation, @bowtieconnection came out with the frame-off Chevy sprayed kandy orange and many more will known donk innovators. Lets thank DJ Fresh for keeping  the crowd entertained all day he had it lit like 1 big block party . Everyone came out and enjoyed this event and conducted themselves accordingly. Let us and I mean all us “Donk & Chevy lovers” give a special thanks to Donkplanet for putting together and  hosting such a great event can’t wait to next year. Street Elements. Be on the Look Out for Street Elements Car Show Chevy Fest. Email all submission to street_elements! along with make and model, color, rims and owner info.