Yo Gotti Files Suit Against Missippi State Prison System

Yo Gotti Files Suit Against Missippi State Prison System

Today Yo Gotti along with Team Roc’s attorneys filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of approximately 30 inmates.

These inmates are living in deplorable conditions and the Mississippi State Prisons are not safe.

According to TMZ, Gotti enlisted Team Roc and it’s high-powered attorney Alex Spiro will be representing the inmates.

The suit alleges that Parchman, the maximum security prison, is a “powder keg” after three deaths just last week. All inmates were stabbed to death.

According to TMZ, the Mississippi Prison system is “chronically understaffed”. There are also accusations that it is underfunded. Rumor has it that their budget is reduced by tens of millions of dollars annually. Between the budget and the deplorable conditions, these prisoners are at a breaking point.

To worsen matters, there are not enough mattresses for inmates, there is black mold covering the cells and there is raw sewage spewing out over the floors. There is also allegedly a water problem as well. Similar to Flint. According to the suit, Team Roc claims drinking water does not meet safety standards for inmate consumption.

These inmates are being exposed to serious bodily harm and a lot of times are left unprotected due to the lack staff.

Gotti is outraged about the conditions at Parchman. So outraged that he reached out to Team Roc and their attorneys to fight for these inmates and their Civil Rights. Previously they advised Mississippi’s Governor Phil Bryant to do something about the condition of the prisons and when he did not, they filed suit.

The law suit is seeking an order forcing the Dept.of Corrections in Mississippi to lay out a plan of action to resolve all issues, especially a staff increase and sewage clean up. They are also seeking damages for the inmates.

Street Elements will keep you informed as more information is released regarding this story.

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