With over 100,000 copies sold since 2007, STREET ELEMENTS / Fantasy Magazine is hands-down the #1 Urban magazine print publication in the nation. We provide our readers with the latest in Hip-Hop news and culture, educational content, and the success stories of men and women who are positive influences in our communities. We also include sports, car shows, public events, educational content, business & economics into one publication.

Our biggest reader base is the 2.3M people that are incarcerated in state and federal correctional facilities. Street Elements Magazine has been labeled by our readers and supporters as the best magazine publication for the prison population. Our publications help men and women deal with stress, depression and the feeling of neglect that one may experience while incarcerated. Our content helps reconnect them with the real world. We give them a glimpse of some of the things one may take for granted. We pride ourselves with including educational content to help expand their minds.