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Think fast: What’s the most common family car today? If you guessed some variety of domestic full-sized pickup or imported crossover, you’d be right. Among the more popular family cars these days are the Forester, Silverado, and Explorer. As it has for many years, the top dog,
sales-wise, is the Ford F-150. But once upon a time in the 1970s, the sales kings were large and domestic and very untrucklike. The personal luxury car was king, but there was still high interest in full- sized coupes, sedans, and station
wagons from the Low-Priced Three:
Ford, Plymouth, and Chevrolet. In the 1973 model year, Chevrolet
Motor Division sold 2.365.381 units. Of those myriad Vegas, Malibus, Novas, C10 pickups, and Corvettes,
941,104 were full-sized Chevrolets.
That’s a lot of land yachts.

BIG RIM SUPERBOWL The Big Rim Super Bowl features the
biggest and baddest Whips you can find. Thousands of people come every year to Orlando Speedway to show off their Rides and see what everyone else is working with. This year at the track we ran into YouTube personalities Corey & Carmen Pritchett who drove down from Texas with
his blacked out F250 and SRT Hellcat.

PUSH THE LIMITS. The BRABUS 900 Superblack offers the best The 1250*** Nm of unrelenting power is in performance engineering and power transmitted instantly via a nine-speed delivery. It is the ultimate combination of automatic transmission, which can be signature BRABUS power and adrenaline shifted either automatically or manually – fueled driving fun – purpose built to push the all at the driver’s leisure. With an
From rest, this supersonic electronically limited top speed of 280 Geländewagen accelerates to 100 km/h in km/h depending on the specified just 3.7 seconds courtesy of the BRABUS equipment and tires, the BRABUS 900 Rocket 900 4.5 liter V8 twin turbo Superblack leaves nothing to be desired. displacement engine with newly developed turbochargers that produces its namesake
662 kW / 900 hp.