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5 Truths About What It’s Actually Like To Be A Stripper

  1. You will need to have fun as a stripper.
    I’ve always liked the sense of fun that goes with teasing. When I was 16, I wanted to be a dancerret, which is very erotic. Before that, I began with just dancing to R&B music when I was 12 years old; later on, it was hip-hop, then standard and Latin American music. I’ve been dancing all my life. I was always attuned with my body and watched myself in the mirror a lot.. That how I builded self-confidence. The key is to all ways have fun when you at work.
  2. The hours are fairly flexible. On average, I was working four times a week. I earned around 5k each week there – all cash in hand. A few girls were employed there for about 650 a week, but only on a  few know what to do with their cash. More than that was paid out to them though. And other girls are self-employed. I don’t think that any of them enter their real earnings in their tax declaration though.
  3. You can find work as a stripper by asking people – or by asking directly in a club. I got to know a girl who stripped as a side hustle. Plenty of people who are studying or how just need some extra cash do it. She introduced me to her boss, who said I should come in and work on a trial basis. They saw the way I danced and carried myself, and I was taken on immediately. Since there’s often such a high turnover of staff, you’ll usually find something quickly in strip clubs — as long as you look good to some extent and can dance to some extent, as long as you have some ass and breasts. In contrast to what people may think, not many girls are actually proficient in the art of pole dancing that take skill.

4. A normal work night starts around 10 p.m.

Most clubs in TAMPA FL. opens at 10 or 11 p.m., and girls are there about half an hour before. They do our make-up, get changed… everyone’s running around half-naked because their bra or something is in a different room or bag. The first guests arrive at around ten or half past twelve. The most girls will still be sitting around at the sides and smoking. When it eventually fills up, we go over to the guests and chat with them, try to sell them lap dances or drink something with them and just talk with them. You either get rebuffed or you do something with them. During the week, I get home around 5 a.m. and an hour later on weekends. My friend, for example, mainly took guests back to a room and was sometimes only finished around 8 in the morning.

Ya Girl Kinky Witit

5. Drugs are always present.

Alcohol plays a big roll in any strip club. I think I drank every day night – if only because I was paid to do so. You get a cut if you receive a drink from a guest. That means that I earn my money from that. And naturally, it makes the evening more pleasant and easier. There are other drugs as well. You will usually offered something or other from the guests almost daily. I think many strippers take drugs to block it all out. It sounds pretty cliché, but one thing leads to the other. You get a lot of money for going downstairs to a room, in return for relatively little work. At the same though, this work is tough, and it is made a lot easier with the drug use . You know you eventually you can become addicted. And then you’re taking guests to the room for the drugs.