427 CI Whipple 4.5L Front Feed Supercharged LS7

Chevrolet started using the 427 big block as a production engine back in 1966—an engine with a diverse range of power depending on a particular vehicle or application.

The 427 lived in both station wagons and as well as Corvettes and Camaros.

Fans of this engine tout the 435-horsepower L71 version of the 427 which powered the Chevy Corvette from 1967-1969. These cars could run 13-second quarter-miles right from the factory, and that was absolutely cooking back in the late ‘60s.

If you are looking for four-digit horsepower but still want to maintain the everyday driveability of your old school, the 427 cubic inch Whipple 4.5L supercharged LS from Wegner Automotive is a great engine. This combination can pumps out 1100+ horsepower and 1050 lb-ft of torque to ensure your street performance is on point. The package comes complete with the highest quality internals inside a Dart SHP iron block, along with a Holley ECU and accessory drive, custom engraved valve covers, and so much more. This is the pinnacle of streetcar engines. Don’t get left behind.