“They roughed me [the fuck] up but the love overpowered it. Almost went from dreams to nightmares quick. Lol.” Meek Mill made this post on his instagram page shortly after the tussle.

Though the rapper was able to shed light on the situation, things could have gotten ugly quick for the 35 year old Philadelphia rapper! Meek Mill literally fought for his life before his Afronation show in Ghana!

On December 29th 2022 Meek Mill had a show in Ghana (Afro Nation Festival). Dreams to Nightmares is an understatement when referring to this Meek Mill’s Ghana trip. A series of videos posted on the rapper’s instagram page shows him and his crew barely making it through a mob of people. Meek Mill can be seen throwing blows! After finally making it through the large group of people, Meek Mill and his crew make their grand exit on dirt bikes.

To top this whole story off, before Meek Mill was ambushed by the crowd, he literally lost his phone to what he described to be a “pickpocketer”. Meek Mill went straight to instagram about the incident.

“They pickpocketed me for my phone,” wrote Meek on his Instagram Story on Thursday. “[Shaking my head]. Bring that jawn back if you got it.”

This post got the attention of local authorities and artists! Shatta Wale hit up Twitter with a message to the streets of Ghana. “Streetz, if you know you have Meek Mill’s phone, please return if that’s true,” tweeted Shatta. “You can’t do that to a real hustler. By [tomorrow] morning, return a.m. Meek inspires all of us on the street a lot.”

The authorities did make an arrest and they also retrieved the phone. Suspect Nuhu Sule alias Ababaawa was arrested Friday, December 30, 2022, at his hideout in Accra. The suspect is still in custody. Meek Mill did recently recant his story after he got his phone back. He made a post stating that he was unsure if he was truly “pickpocketed”. He made a post stating that he may have dropped his phone instead.

“I coulda dropped that phone on a dirt bike I don’t actually know for a fact somebody went in my pocket!” he tweeted on Friday night.

This recant comes as no surprise. The rapper’s nonprofit, REFORM Alliance, recently announced before Christmas he had paid the bail for 20 women who were incarcerated at the Riverside Correctional Facility in Philadelphia so they could be home for the holidays. The rapper tweeted the following,

“I got it back that’s all I needed I don’t need anybody locked up for a phone,” he wrote. “I don’t even know what happened to it.”

This nightmare did eventually revert to a dream come true. He got his phone back and he made through the crowd alive. The impeccable amount of accolades and support was out of this world! In some videos fans can be seen jumping the gates just to get close to the rapper. Meek Mill was blown away when he saw so many of his fans rocking Dreamchaser chains in homage to one of his best selling mixtapes. Meek Mill exclaimed that he experienced real love from Ghana, so much so that he’d even consider buying a home there. “I’m grabbing a crib in Ghana forsureeeeee this real love!”