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Author: The CEO

Megan Thee Stallion “Maken Moves”

Let everyone know who you are, where your from? MTS: Megan Thee Stallion from Houston, Texas getting ready to finish off this new project should be done around early June. I ran across your profile online , and I was saying to myself this girl is hot! MTS: Thank you so much . How long have you been in business? MTS: For about a year now , but ive been written my entire life : Wow only a year , how old are you ? MTS:22 What part of Houston are you from, how was it growing up ?...

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Money Man “Hangen Out” @Truth Lounge Tampa Bay

 The Money Man Mix-tape "Secret Society" Party @Truth Lounge was lit the Fuck Up. Big ups to the hommie Mike of Mike Mitch Promotions; they gave Street Elements full access. Money Man came through hit the stage and performed about five songs off his new mix-tape. The Streets are definitely feeling him.The crowd showed love by rapping word 4 word song 4 song.  As a special guest, Papa Duck came threw and  performed his new single Bald Head Bitch as him and his Zoe’s turned the club out! We would like to send shout outs to all the dancers that performed...

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