Big Boy Bishop Lamor Whitehead Gets Arrested

Lamor Whitehead was indicted on Monday 12/19/2022, out of Manhattan.

Lamor Whitehead, The Big Boy Bishop from New York City is now facing federal fraud and extortion charges. Lamor’s “Big Boy lifestyle” got him hot! NYPD is now bringing up his past criminal record, leaving them with a long trail of questions.

Now I know y’all remember the so called preacher who got robbed of $1 million worth of jewelry on a Sunday service livestream earlier this year. Well this is him! This particular livestream gained him a multitude of attention. Lamor was allegedly robbed out of millions in savings that could’ve bought him more luxury goods like his expensive clothing Fendi, Dior, Gucci, or his jewelry ranging from his 24k gold bracelets and necklaces, to his VVS encrusted earrings and watches. Not to mention, his beautiful mansions and cars including, his Rose Royce as seen below.

Prosecutors are accusing Whitehead of extorting over $5000 from a businessman. They said he then turned around and asked this same man to lend him $500,000 in exchange “for favorable actions from the New York City government (even though he knew he couldn’t pull that off). He’s also accused of lying during an executed search warrant. He supposedly had multiple cell phones but lied to the FBI about it during his search warrant.

Preacher Whitehead long time friend is NYC Mayor, Eric Adams. The bishop has publicly described the mayor to be a mentor/ brother/ friend.