“Celebrity Clash on ‘Love & Hip Hop ATL’: Spice and Erica Mena’s Fiery Exchange Sparks Controversy and Legal Woes”

Spice and Erica Mena engaged in a heated confrontation during a recent episode of “Love & Hip Hop ATL” while having lunch together. The conversation started with a discussion about Erica’s marriage to Safaree Samuels, but it quickly escalated into insults and threats of physical violence. Spice targeted Erica’s relationship with her son, King, which caused Erica to flip a table in anger.

Despite the intervention of the show’s crew preventing a physical altercation, both women resorted to throwing objects and exchanging insults across the restaurant. At one point, Erica made a derogatory comment, suggesting that Spice should have died during her health scare the previous year. Erica also used a racially charged term, referring to Spice as a “blue monkey,” which sparked controversy online due to its historical racist connotations. As they left the venue, Erica even directed monkey sounds towards Spice.

Spice took to Instagram to respond to Erica’s insults, comparing Erica’s reactions to similar incidents involving Lil Scrappy and Stevie J. Spice questioned why there was a difference in response when others had discussed sensitive topics, but now she was being targeted with hurtful comments.

In November 2022, Spice had debunked rumors of being in a coma or having a heart attack. She revealed that she had experienced severe sepsis due to a damaged hernia, which she referred to as her “second rebirth.” She had even staged a fake pregnancy photoshoot to celebrate her recovery and shared more details about her medical ordeal, stating that she had “literally died.”

Erica had not publicly responded to Spice’s call-out at that time. However, another castmate, Shekinah Anderson, who was present during the altercation, expressed her disbelief at Erica’s hurtful comments. Shekinah pointed out that Erica’s use of derogatory language and wishing death upon Spice was out of line, especially considering Erica’s own Jamaican heritage and her children.

Erica’s silence on social media following the incident might have been due to her dealing with legal troubles. She, along with Bambi and ZellSwag, was arrested by Atlanta police at Lucca Lounge. The arrests stemmed from an altercation with security after the group was asked to leave the lounge. Erica faced multiple charges, including battery and obstruction of justice. Saucy Santana, who was also present, mentioned Erica’s belligerent behavior during the chaotic incident.

Meanwhile, Bambi spoke exclusively with The Shade Room’s Justin Carter to provide insight into the events that led to their arrests.