Suspect in Takeoff’s murder released on $1 million bond,

Tack Off’s murder suspect Xavier Clark, 33, is free after a “concerned citizen” secured a $1 million bond for the Houston DJ.

Patrick Clark’s attorney Letitia D. Quinones released the this statement regarding the recent news that her client is out on bail.

“Neither Patrick nor his family posted the bond in this case,” the statement reads. “A concerned citizen and family friend who believes in Patrick’s innocence posted the bond on his behalf.”

“Like any other defendant, Patrick is presumed to be innocent and has the right to bond. He also has an obligation to comply with all the terms the court has laid out. He intends to comply fully and will appear for proceedings whenever the court requires him to do so. We believe Patrick is innocent and at the appropriate time, the evidence will reveal that to be the case.”

This is after Clark’s defense team tried to have his bond lowered to $300,000.

Initially, Clark’s bond was set at $2 million, but Judge Josh Hill agreed to lower it to $1 million. Hill ruled that previous statements made by Clark indicated that he could pay a $1 million bail and that there are bail bond companies that would take on that risk.