Why do girls like guys with tattoos?

Have you ever wonder why do women find men with tattoos attractive, a few things are certain there. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why women tend to love a man with tattoos:

1.The bad boy look

Everybody knows a girl that loves to date guys who are clearly bad news—the bad boys. No matter how hard they resist, they just keep getting drawn to them despite all of the red flags and warning signs. Well, according to some people, tattoos epitomize the “bad boy image.”

If you are covered in tattoos, it signals that you don’t really care about the status quo or put too much thought into what people think. It’s rebellious, and for a lot of women, that’s attractive.

2. Tattoos make men look more masculine and dominant

Studies have shown that both men and women agree that a man with a tattoo looks more masculine. In other words, they embody the stereotype of the machismo man who says what he thinks and gets his own way. Of course, these are very, very broad strokes and should be taken with a pinch of salt.