R Kelly Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison- What Are Your Thoughts?

Brooklyn, NY-R. Kelly, aka Robert Kelly will most likely be spending the rest of his days behind bars. Just minutes ago he was sentenced to 30 years in prison for racketeering and sex trafficking crimes.

Although Kelly’s attorneys requested a ten year sentence, Judge Ann M Donnelly sentenced Kelly, now 55 years old, to 30 years which he will more than likely appeal.

In my opinion, this is a hard topic to express your thoughts on because there will be people from both sides with opinions that differ from yours. Well, here is my take…

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, R Kelly was the man. Everybody wanted to slow drag to Honey Love, Slow Dance, then everyone wanted to “Sex ME” and go way beyond foreplay to 12 Play and so much more to all of the hits. R Kelly amongst others sat the tune to R&B and love-making music. However, what he did to those young girls, knowing they were the ages they were, was just wrong and uncalled for. There are more guilty parties involved here though, but R Kelly was wrong. He married Aaliyah at a young age, and even with her no longer here, they still brought her up in trial statements. Some may argue that the girls were “fast” so they deserved it or whatever their opinion may be, but R Kelly knew he was grown and he knew right from wrong. I don’t care to know about his experiences with sexual abuse in his childhood, or any of the other excuses. He was wrong on many accounts regarding this. What makes it worse? He has not even shown any remorse regarding any of the allegations.

As far as sentencing, I am sure he was sentenced according to guidelines, and he was facing life so 30 doesn’t sound so bad when you consider life.

R Kelly is still awaiting two additional trials in two other states. More time is most likely coming.

Leave a comment and let’s discuss… what are your thoughts? Do you think the sentence was too harsh? Too light? Should he even go to prison? Let’s chat. Leave a comment below!