XXXTentacion Murder Suspect Takes Plea Deal, Still Faces Life Sentence

On Friday August 12, one of the four men charged in the murder of rapper XXXTentacion took a plea deal, pleading guilty to second degree murder It is believed that he will be turning state against his other three codefendants.

He is hoping to get a lesser sentence for his cooperation, although he still faces a life sentence.

Robert Allen entered a guilty plea Friday morning. His sentence is being deferred until the trials are complete of the other three defendants.

According to Mr. Allen’s attorney Jim Lewis, Mr. Allen’s role was much less than the other three involved. “He never got out of the car, never had a gun, and never shot anyone” Mr. Lewis told reporters. “We are hoping the State and the judge take this into consideration at sentencing.”

Michael Boatwright, Dedrick Williams and Trayvon Newsome are the other three defendants listed in the case, all of which are facing capitol murder.

All four men are accused of being involved in the murder of rapper XXXTentacion. The murder took place on June 18,2018 at Riva Motorsports in Deerfield Beach. According to witnesses, two men approached XXX’s BMW where he was inside. They exchanged some words, then gunfire. One of the men removed a bag from the rapper’s vehicle before fleeing the scene.

Williams was arrested two days after the murder, Boatwright and Allen in the following weeks and it took nearly a month for Newsome to be captured. All defendants besides Allen have entered pleas of not guilty..